Yes, I hereby give my consent for BERNINA to collect and store my personal data in Switzerland (location of the server), use them for the purpose of customer data administration and for its own promotional purposes (by e-mail, telephone or post) and pass them on to the specialist dealer from whom I purchased this product. The data are to be processed in Switzerland in compliance with Swiss data protection provisions. The data may however also be processed outside Switzerland by personnel who work for BERNINA, a specialist dealer, supplier or partner of BERNINA. The specialist dealer, supplier or partner shall be obliged to use these data solely for their own purposes in connection with the performance of the contract, such as examining a warranty claim or evaluation of the following questionnaire, for example. The data shall not be disclosed to other individuals or institutions. I confirm that I am fully informed of the reasons for processing and storing of my personal data and I am aware of my rights regarding such personal information.


If at any time hereafter you decide that you want to withdraw your consent given above you shall contact BERNINA to inform them of this decision. In addition, you are also able to obtain information about the processing of the data or to request a copy of the personal information that has been collected about you via our website. Please send your request in writing to BERNINA International AG, Seestrasse 161, 8266 Steckborn, Switzerland or by e-mail to